About Us

Caddman is ready to assist you by sharing its experience of integrating software applications for engineering information lifecycle management.  Our team of consultants will add extensive knowledge to any project team.  They will assist with the review of an existing environment, make recommendations worth regards to the project workflow and manage the deployment of enterprise solutions.  We have an extensive team of full time dedicated employees to deliver a high level service to our customers.

All our customers can participate in our user-groups and interact with many other users.

We have the ability to integrate design into the rest of your business for real competitive gain.  Our staff have extensive experience in the plant layout, control and instrumentation and manufacturing industries.

Caddman has stood the test of time delivering thousands of solutions over more than 15 years, with a combined in-house technical experience of 200 plus man-years.  Caddman manages a current CRM database with over 3000 customer contacts that it has built over the years in defined segments in the Manufacturing and Plant Development.